Who we are

We are young but already here for a long time.

SILCONIC® company was founded in 2018. Our subsidiary company dent-e-con already exists since 2004, where we develop silicones for the dental industry. Some years later the food industry market came up additionally, and very fast a lot of new silicones for branches as forming, hobby & art up to materials for the automobile branch. Today we have more than 500 recipes from our own development.

2013 dent-e-con expands into the 3D-print business field. Here we represent the wold market leader Stratasys with its range of dentistry 3D-printers and materials. At the same time, the 3D-print became more important in the mould construction for us, where we are able to produce prototypes for our customers.

The latest addition in the SILCONIC® portfolio is the LSR-injection moulding method. In this pioneering manufacturing technology, we attach great importance, as we can benefit from our long-term experience in moulding.

SILCONIC® - the silicone experts!
SILCONIC® company building
dental silicone


RTV-2 Silicones for Prostethic Dentistry.

food industry

Food Industry

RTV-2 silicones for private use and kitchen aids, manufactured in LSR-injection moulding technology.

consumer industry


Sanitary products, toys, bracelets, baby bottle teats or shower armatures manufactured in LSR-injection moulding technology.

silicone moulding


We practice professional silicone mould constructions and deliver the suitable RTV-2 silicones.



Love Toys out of RTV-2 silicone or manufactured in LSR-injection moulding method. The advantages are enormous.

Orthopaedics & Medical

Orthopaedics & Medical

Orthopaedic insoles, healing pads, toe spreader up to medical technology.

Art & Hobby

Art & Hobby

Candle making, moulding, pouring concrete or pad making. The possible uses for the private hobby using are huge. We supply the suitable silicone for you.


"We are the silicone experts"