Who we are

We are young but have been here for a long time.

The company SILCONIC® was founded in 2004. Initially we focused on the production and development of RTV-2 silicones for dental technology. A few years later, the food industry was added as an additional market, and many new silicones were quickly developed for sectors ranging from mold making, hobby & art to materials for the automotive industry. Today we have over 500 recipes developed in-house.

In 2013, SILCONIC® expanded into the 3D printing business area. Here we represent the global market leader Stratasys with its range of dental 3D printers and materials. At the same time, 3D printing has quickly become more important for us in mold making, which means we are now able to produce prototypes for our customers.

The latest addition to the SILCONIC® portfolio is LSR injection molding and the production of silicone parts using so-called “compression molding”. We attach great importance to these future-oriented manufacturing technologies, which benefit us from our many years of experience in silicone processing and mold making. We can already look back on the development and manufacture of products for well-known companies.

SILCONIC® - the silicone experts!
SILCONIC® Firmengebäude


Dental RTV-2 silicones.


Food Industry

RTV-2 silicones for private use and kitchen aids manufactured using the LSR injection molding process.

Consumer Industrie


Hygiene products, toys, bracelets, baby teats and shower fittings are manufactured using the LSR injection molding process.

 Silicone mold making


We operate professional silicone mold making and supply the appropriate RTV-2 silicones.

Silikon Lovetoys


Love toys made from RTV-2 silicone or made using the LSR injection molding process. The benefits are enormous.

 Orthopedics & Medical

Orthopedics & Medical

Orthopedic insoles, healing pads, toe separators and medical technology.

Hobby & Arts

Hobby & Arts

Candle casting, molding, concrete pouring or pad making. The areas of application in the private hobby sector are large. We supply the right silicone for this.


"We are the silicone experts"