2-Component Silicone Injection Moulding

Combined with high performance synthetics, liquid silicone rubber ist an ideal basis for the production of ambitious products for diverse industrial uses. These hard-soft composites are becoming more and more important in areas like automotive, electronics, sanitary and medical: The requirements concerning the mechanical strength of composites are steadily increasing and cannot be fulfilled with conventional technologies any more.

We offer multi-component injection moulding with the following materials:

  • silicone + thermoplastics
  • silicone + metal
  • silicone + glass
  • silicone + silicone with different hardness levels and colors
Both materials are combined either by chemical or mechanical linkage. First, component 1 (thermoplastics, metal, glass, silicone) is injected or inserted into the tool, followed by the overmolding with silicone.