Silicone Mold Making

Silicone Moulding

We produce fluid RTV-2 silicones for the manufacturing of silicone forms. The so called "Silicone Moulding" enjoys great popularity. Thereby the characteristics of the silicone is high elasticity and low viscosity.

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Production of a silicone mould

To mould (doing a copy) you need an original mould, as available for example on
Put the object which you want to duplicate into the original mould and pour the silicone over it.
After curing you can remove the form.
Fitting accessories and instructions you can find in the leading silicone moulding shops:
Production of a silicone mould


Hardness Shore A 20-22

Setting time ca. 45 minutes

Viscosity ca. 6.500 mpas

Tear resistance 2,6 N/mm2 ((DIN 53 504 S 1)


Hardness Shore A 22-24

Setting time ca. 25 minutes

Viscosity ca. 4.000 mpas

Tear resistance 6,4 N/mm2 ((DIN 53 504 S 1)