Silicones for for arts & crafts, modelling, soap and candle making and more

Silicones for Hobby & Art

Manufacturing candles or soaps – silicones can be used in the hobby- and art area in many different ways. Here, the silicone is the original mould to produce the final product.

Consider to have a high mechanics for your silicone. Otherwise it may rip when demoulding.

Our silicones are developed exactly for this purpose.

Soap and candle manufacturing with silicone forms

The silicone form is essential for a good final product. Therefor the silicone has to be precise and provide the details exactly. Bottom silicones are specially designed for this purpose.

Our silicones are also available in den shops of our partners:
Soap and candle manufacturing with silicone forms


Mittelhartes RTV-2 silicone. Thin flowing and flexible. High tear resistance

Setting time 45 Minutes

Hardness Shore A 20-22

Thin flowing in undercuts

Good mechanic


Medium hard RTV-2 silicone. Very thin flowing and flexible. High tear resistance.

Setting time 25 minutes

Hardness Shore A 22

High tear resistance

Can be dyed by yourself with the REPLISIL silicone colours