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    Welcome to SILCONIC®
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    Injection Moulding, Formulation and 3D Printing
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    Welcome to SILCONIC®
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    Welcome to SILCONIC®


We produce silicones on customer request and also on customers recipe and are thereby able to realize compounding from small to very large.
You want to have your own RTV-2 silicone? Then you are right with us!

High Technology Factory

Our machinery is containing the latest LSR-injection moulding machines, Polyjet 3D-printer, as well as machines for compounding liquid and putty RTV-2 silicones.

High Standard Laboratory

In our own testing laboratory, we are able to produce silicones fast, individual and with high quality standards. Come on and join us, also with extraordinary requirements!

Best in the Market

Constant quality, reproduceable products, permanent control. We can guarantee a comprehensive check of every produced batch.
Middlingness is not enough for us!

SILCONIC® Silicone products for..

production technology

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