orthopaedic and medical silicone products

Orthopaedics & Medical

Silicone is the perfect material for the medical technology. Why? Silicone is highly elastic, has a long durability, is biological highly compatible and has a good sealing effect. Furthermore it is easy to clean. Due to its high heat resistance, it is even possible to autoclave and sterilize the silicone by gamma- or UV-radiation.

Platinum cured silicones are biocompatible and are perfect for the use on or in the own body.

The use of silicones plays an increasing role in the modern orthopaedics. By the positive characteristics of the material as hygienics or skin friendliness, very often prosthesis and epithesis are made from silicone. Silicone is able to adapt in shape and colour and by this, helps with the optic acceptance of the missing body part. Silicone is also often used for the production of orthoses, for example for padding of possible bruises or for scar treatment of burn victims.

LSR Injection moulding

The LSR injection moulding allows the production of high quantities. The used silicone has high mechanical characteristics and is biocompatible and transparent on request.


Kneadable RTV-2 silicone. Pressure protection orthosis. Suitable for problems with bruises, corns, countersunk feet, one above the other lying toes.


Medium hard RTV-2 silicone. Very thin flowing and flexible. High tear resistance Suitable for all impressions in the field of medical technology and dentistry.(e.g., for making gum-like shapes)