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Dental - Silicones for Dental Technology

Since 2004 we produce dental silicones in highest purity. Here, we set our focus on silicones without additives in order to satisfy the high requirements in precision of dentistry. Our fluid silicone type REPLISIL and the putty silicone STENSIL are highly appreciated by our customers worldwide.

We produce our dental silicones mostly without additional fillers as for example quartz sand. So we are able to guarantee highest precision at high mechanic and low viscosity.

Our subsidiary dent-e-con is working for the dentistry market for 15 years. By now, the product range includes over 30 standard products and scores of specific customer formulations. So we are able to cover all requirements. We deliver in over 80 countries in the world.

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Duplicating Silicones

Our duplicating silicones REPLISIL are characterized by excellent mechanics, low viscosity and highest volume.

Putty Silicones

Our putty silicones STENSIL and STENSIL ECO can be homogeneously and smoothly kneaded, contain only a small amount of fillers and are easy to trim.

Cartridge Silicones

Gingival masks and transparent impression materials packaged in cartridges with the associated mixing system