Silicones are the future Lovetoy-material, as they have just only advantages and outmatch mostly all other toy-materials in many ways.Silicones are produced mostly by natural raw materials in a synthetical way and therefor called as a natural product.

Attention: Do not use a silicone-based lubricant for Lovetoys out of silicone or toys with silicone parts, as it can damage and inhibits the material.

Furthermore, silicone is physiologically highly compatible (not injurios to health), nontoxic and food-safe, why it is used also for skin protection, cosmetic skin care and the plastic surgery as well as for cake pans or in the dentistry. In short: The best material for Lovetoys.

Silicone is the right choice for your Sextoys

The advantages of silicone at a glance:

absolutely odorless

free of plasticizer

good haptic

different types of hardness

high tensile strength and elongation at break

very durable

heat resistant up to 200°C

biocompatible up to medical permission


easy-care & hygienic

silicone lovetoys

LSR Injection moulding

If you have high quantities, it is worth to produce your Lovetoy with LSR injection moulding. The advantages:

surface quality

cheap production

high tensile strength and elongation at break

high reproducing


Medium hard RTV-2 silicone. Thin flowing and flexible. Extremely high mechanics.

Hardness Shore A 25

Setting time 60 minutes

Can even be dyed with the REPLISIL silicone colours

Very high tear resistance 5,0 N/mm