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LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) Injection Moulding

LSR – liquid silicone rubber

Due to their universal material characteristics, products made of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) offer versatile uses in various industries.

LSR Injection Moulding Methods

Production method for low viscosity and high-temperature vulcanising two-component silicones, best suited for high til very high quantities.


2 Component Silicone Injection Moulding

Combined with high performance synthetics, liquid silicone rubber ist an ideal basis for the production of ambitious products for diverse industrial uses. These hard-soft composites are becoming more and more important in areas like automotive, electronics, sanitary and medical.


HTV Silicone Injection Moulding (Solid Silicone)

HTV/HCR Solid Silicone Rubber

Heat Cured Rubber is a silicone elastomer consisting of straight chains with a very high molecular weight which offers excellent heat and aging resistance.

HTV Injection Moulding Processes

The HTV Injection Moulding method is best suited for low til medium quantities or bulky products.


Silicone Compression Moulding Processes (Compression and Transfer Molding)

Compression Moulding processes are used in a wide range of applications. Here, solid silicone rubber gets vulcanized in moulds with the aid of heat and pressure. For solid silicone rubber, Compression and Transfer Molding suggest themselves as main methods.


Silikon Extrusion

With the help of extrusion, profiles with complex cross sections and any length can be produced.


Silicone Compounding (RTV-2 Silicones)

RTV-2 silicones are two-component silicone rubbers, gels or foams which are vulcanized at room temperature. They can be customized to produce different levels of viscosity and adhesion and various mechanical, chemical and heat resistance characteristics.


Rapid Prototyping (3D Print)

Polyjet 3D Printing Methods

PolyJet is a generative manufacturing process for the production of smooth and precise components, prototypes and production tools.


Product Development

We accompany customers and startups from the idea through the product design to the first production run. Here, our designers work with the newest CAD software and support our customers' product research with their creativity.